To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate


What is all the hoopla on measles?

I have read so many stories of children being harmed by vaccinations, being just fine before getting a vaccination (really LOTS of different vaccinations in one!) and then right after the vaccination, become different children with different personalities.

I remember taking my daughter to the clinic to get her vaccinations and how badly and evil I felt when she wouldn’t stop crying. After one loaded vaccination, her whole leg was swollen to the size of  a grapefruit (a BIG one) and she had a fever that lasted for days. I didn’t want to take her back for more but I was young and felt that my elders, and doctors knew better than I. So back she went for more – I wish I knew then what I know now.

Not very many people read my blog but I can imagine after just watching and listening to Fox News talking heads all afternoon (angry, opinionated, bossy and downright demeaning to people who don’t share their opinion), the type of comments I would receive if people actually read my blog and especially my feelings I’m about to express right now – the comments would probably not be very flattering or kind at all. Unfortunately, my hubby loves having the television on all the time and it was on so I while I would have preferred not to be listening at all, I was just kind of stuck in the kitchen off and on all afternoon and evening as I was making/bottling Kombucha (fermented yummy fizzy probiotic drink), making dinner and just kind of stuck in the kitchen off and on all afternoon and evening. And I don’t yet have noise reducing headphones for when I am in that situation but believe me, they are now a priority. Because that. was. noise.

So back to the vaccination thing and measles outcry (what is the mainstream media suppressing/). What I listened to on Fox News made my head spin. On The Five program, Greg Gutfeld was absolutely vicious towards parents who choose the freedom to parent as they see fit, and who do not choose to vaccinate their children. I think every single one (except Eric Bolling) on that program agreed with him. And then the following program, more of the same, and then again and then on the Factor, Bill O’Reilly had Megyn Kelly on and she pulled the same crap but telling parents to vaccinate their children and that this is where Big Brother needs to come in to the picture! I was dumbfounded at the coercion and peer pressure put on parents from not only doctors, but family, friends, and the western medicine informed media and public – and from people like Greg and Megyn who have a big platform and think their opinion is more important than the real “facts” (who’s really spreading the measles?)different from the ones they ignorantly spew.

I was wondering, “Where is the fair and balanced here?”. Where was somebody from the NVIC or a parent who has experienced autism, seizures or even worse, death of their child by vaccination? Where was Sayer Ji or the producer of the movie Bought? WHERE IS FAIR AND BALANCED? Where is the FREE American spirit and the ability to live in your own country and do as you wish if you are not causing others harm? Why is one family being bullied for “spreading” measles in other people who from what I have read, were VACCINATED! So how could they have possibly gotten the measles??? (See the link above).

My understanding after watching a video by the spokesperson of the National Vaccine Information Center who is neither for, nor against vaccinations, and the movie “Bought” which every American and especially parents should see, and then reading the long article “Measles and Measles Vaccines: 14 Things To Consider” from Sayer Ji’s, is that while measles is highly contagious, the vaccination(s) can be worse than the actual virus. And that the person vaccinated, can be highly contagious when vaccinated and can infect even those ALREADY vaccinated.

It felt to me like this whole measles outbreak thing was aimed at one thing and one thing only, right from the very beginning. To scare everybody into obedience for the good of the whole and crap on those who dared to choose what they felt was a better way for their children’s health. And if Fox News today was any indicator of that, the puppet master has performed spectacularly. For those of us who dare to live as Americans and choose to consider choice outside the box of big pharma, big government and big food (and I’ll add “big bully media” after today), it may be considered that we have a stormy future in front of us.

I feel differently. I feel that for those of us who choose to do our own homework about what we are putting in and on our bodies, and for those of us willing to stand up to the masses who do what they are told (and try to get the few of us who won’t) to toe the imaginary line, and for those who believe the stories of someone who yells “FIRE!” loud enough when there may not be a reason to be yelling at all, that we have a very bright future. Because for those of us who really DO do our own homework, the answers are not always so perfectly clear as what the puppet masters and their ring circuses are selling or promoting.

I don’t profess to have all the answers and for God’s sake, I can hardly even write a decent blog post as my mind doesn’t seem to track linearly, but it seems to me that if people like Megyn Kelly of Fox News really did the research on vaccinations herself, and dug really deep instead of relying on ‘Big Brother’s’ (or Big Pharma’s) scare tactics to keep all of us in the preferred herd mentality mindset, she might have really thought twice before having all three of her children vaccinated. And I hope that she never experiences the agony of what so many other parents have with their children after vaccinations after she so proudly and loudly stated for the record that she is one of the “herd” who had all three of her children vaccinated on schedule, and on time, with her indignant and self-righteous anger.

And all the others on that channel today vehemently stating that parents need to vaccinate their children for the good of the “herd”, I hope they never have to experience the pain. And how interesting that they even had reluctant praise for  President Obama as even he called out for parents to vaccinate their children saying his children are vaccinated. I hope they weren’t vaccinated with Gardasil – read up on that one!

Well, I’m winding down this non-to be read post but I have to say that I fervently hope that all of our vaccinated children (and ourselves) never experience a single problem or symptom from these vaccinations – sporting so many horrible byproducts inside them that are horribly incompatible with and for our bodies. But I know from all of my studies, research, and doing my own homework, that many children will continue to get vaccinated and suffer, and adults as well, as what is put into the body at a young age starts to express itself as we get older.

I hope everybody at least takes the time to read three resources I listed above as they consider vaccinating their children, grandchildren or if you just want to really take a look at the other side of the coin – it will be eye opening I promise. I’ll just put them down here too to make it easier for you.

I hope you know I care deeply about your health and your happiness. I wouldn’t take the time to write my feeling about this if I didn’t. Especially since I know that if the majority of people who see this are anything like what I experienced from the talking heads at Fox News today, I will be blasted into the “herd” and “get in the box like the rest of us” realm – quickly and soundly. But I know too much to go there – ever again.

Thank you for letting me say my piece and express myself tonight.

Here are those resources again – I really hope you take the time to do your own homework and that these are a helpful place to start:

Vaccine Impact

National Vaccine Information Center’s “Measles and Measles Vaccines: 14 Things To Consider

The movie “Bought

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