Periscope LOVE! Pure FUN!

IMG_0006I have fallen in love with a platform. And the people I have met because of that platform. I have fallen in love with periscope.

I admit it, I am bewitched, entranced, blown away, amazed and transfixed… not to mention 1000% ADDICTED!!!

“What is periscope?” you may ask and I will give you first the factual explanation of what it is, and then I will give you the addicting love, community, brilliance and spontaneity that is really is – at least for me and for those incredible wondrous people I have met. People who make my toes tickle with delight and anticipation upon rising every morning simply with the thought that I will get to spend a few minutes of my day with them today.

OK! So what is periscope?

Periscope is an app, it is Twitter’s live stream platform where you can turn your phone’s camera on yourself and tell the world what you are thinking, teach something you’ve been dying to teach to the world, spread your inspirational message or story, tell a joke, show off your talent or skill, or absolutely anything you want to share with the world. Periscope is a platform where people find you! People who want to watch or listen to what you are sharing, showing or watching yourself. I saw one scope (what you call a broadcast) this morning where my comedian buddy, Marcus Lee (@whoismarcuslee), and his friend were watching a movie and they just scoped the movie they were watching. He titled his broadcast Pitch Perfect2 @ the drive inn. A nice play on words.

And you can comment live in the chat area with the broadcaster so it is truly a conversation even if the broadcaster is the only one speaking. You chat, and most of us engage with our listeners. It is sooooo fun! Sometimes you are the broadcaster and sometimes you are the commenter asking questions or just saying “Hey!”.

Periscope leaves the broadcast up for 24 hours so you can always tune in and find your personal favs and watch any time after the broadcast for 24 hours before it’s gone. You can’t comment after the live broadcast, but you can LEARN, and you can laugh and you can have fun!

So it is fast becoming a HUMUNGORUNGUS tool for letting people into your life so that they get to know, love and trust you! Or, you can just have fun!!

And that is the part that I LOVE!!!

I LOVE people!! I LOVE YOU!! And, I am an extremely spontaneous person, so this app is perfect for me!!

I started scoping a call to hydrate #scopeIHydrate, 3 x every day because my mission in life is to get as many people as I can to feel super energized, healthy and feel amazingly vital!!! And hydration is such a big part of that since most people walk around chronically dehydrated. So this is how I’ve chosen to reach people with my message that I love and care about them and want them to take care of themselves – I remind them to drink their 3 quarts (a little less than 3 liters) a day!! And I can even share what has happened in my life and get feedback!

Periscope car accident?

Car accident??

Plus I share common sense health tips you can implement right away. It’s just my way of giving back and that makes me feel so amazingly good and happy!!!

Probably one of the most amazing things about periscope is that you can learn so much from so many different people. I have found that since it is still in its infancy – it was released on March 27th I believe – people are still learning how to best use it for their business and so you will find loads and loads of people giving out free how to information like I’ve never seen. There is no signing up for a webinar or giving your email for this or that. Just golden nuggets of information being dropped like bombs on scope after scope.

Learn social media tips from @RobertCStern, or Instagram How-to’s from @SueBZimmerman.  Get motivational and inspiring nuggets from @CandasBarnes and @MandalaSkyStyle. Get your daily news from @CathyHackl #scopenews. Grow your business, get noticed and tell the world what you do and how you do it with @MarkShaw, @RobertCStern, @JasonStolken and @MinnieJen. Learn makeup tips with @MsCandyBlog. Get incredible and motivating tips on how to grow your online business with @AandraBohlen, @StarKhechara and @KimraLuna. Be inspired to podcast & blog with expert tips from @ChrisDucker and YouTube SEO from @australiawow. Learn how to create Facebook ads with @heartSoulHustle and branding with @BrianFanzo. Be reminded when and how to hydrate and get other common sense health tips with @LynnieMotivates (that’s ME!!!) and watch sunsets, bake cookies, make smoothies, get daily laughs and play games with so many more! You can even go to periscope church with @drwaltersims! It’s a fascinating world!!

It is truly a colorful tapestry of fun, knowledgeable, crazy and fantabulous people that you will encounter there!

And of course you’ll find people who just talk about their lives with whoever will listen to them. It take all kinds of us to use this platform and engage with it. I hope that if you haven’t tried it yet, that you will become part of the tapestry too!

Take a moment and download the app. I promise you this – it will be an experience on social media like none other (unless you’ve used Meerkat) you’ve experienced!!

Join in on the periscope FUN!!!

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