Pistachios – Why you have to start crackin’!

These are some tasty nuts! And I used to think they just tasted good! Well they do taste yummy but it’s the nutrients they contain very important to amazing eye health that will have you cracking pistachios for years to come!

Pistachios are the only nuts that contain and significant amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin. These are antioxidants associated with eye health and a reduced risk of that dreaded irreversible blindness, macular degeneration, a major health concern for people over 65. While you might not be anywhere near that age right now, these are two very important antioxidants for the eyes that will keep your night vision clearer and keep those peepers peeping today – and tomorrow!

Pistachios are also loaded with copper, manganese, phosphorus and vitamin B6 as well as phytosterols (similar to cholesterol found in animals). They can help you absorb less cholesterol.

These are truly some powerful nuts so like I’ve heard a time or two recently, “Get crackin!!”

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