How To Hydrate – Get Thirsty! Get Energized!! Get Healthy!!!

water_collageHydrate and take a major step to healthy.  How?  Have you ever seen a raisin?  Why is it so wrinkly?  Oh yeah!  It’s dehydrated!  For some reason, people have forgotten that water is their life blood and… ummm…let me break this to you gently.  60-70% of your body is water!  Did you get that??!! Just wanted to be sure (-;

Drink at least 3 quarts of spring water or filtered water a day.

Why? Picture in your mind the teeniest little factory with hundreds of generators churning out energy. In order to keep the machinery going, you have to lubricate it so it will function smoothly. Well, each and every cell in your body is a little factory generating energy. If each cell doesn’t have the right amount of quality water, the electrolytes and omega 3 fatty acids it needs to function optimally, it won’t be generating much energy for you. So if you are low on energy, this might just solve your low energy problem – immediately!

Plus you will see amazing effects in your skin, nails, it will give your hair a natural shine and, if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, this will give you a kick start!


Drink 1 quart first thing in the morning at least one-half hour before breakfast, the second quart one half hour before lunch and the third quart one half hour before dinner.

This is a goal. Wait, I can hear you now, “OMG! That’s twelve 8-oz glasses of water and I’ll be going to the bathroom all day long (whine in voice)!” That’s like trying to eat the whole enchilada at once – and you see the enchilada as twelve feet long! You just have to take it step by step until you reach your goal. So drink 2 glasses and then wait 15 minutes or so and drink the next two. And yes, for the first week or two, you will be going to the bathroom all the time. Because you are human and you most likely live in a state of moderate dehydration. Within a few weeks, your bladder will start to relax and you’ll be on a normal schedule and every time you go, you’ll just pee like a racehorse! A small price to pay for amazing energy and health!

So give each of your over 100 trillion cells the water they need to get good stuff in and bad stuff out so your body can provide you with amazing energy!

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