HEY! Where’s the Book??!!

Food bankcollage3Life can sometimes get a bit messy. Many of you have been asking me when my book on common sense health and nutrition is coming out, since my goal was to have it online and available to you by the 21st of August (yeah, I know… that day has passed, sigh). So let me update you on where the project stand and explain my “messy” comment.

My goal for “7 Simple Steps to a Crazy Awesome Healthy You!” was that it would be finished by the 21st of August – and it was! Yay!! But it wasn’t ready for prime time like I was hoping it would be. Before I could put it online, it required a bit (as in- days!!!) of grammatical surgery, as I will be the first to agree that I am not the world’s best writer-especially when it comes to grammar, as you might notice from this unedited post! So “7 Simple Steps to a Crazy Awesome Healthy You!” went through painstaking surgical editing by my hubby, and then it had to travel the long distance through digital-landia from my computer to the computer of my real editor, Wendy. While I wait for the edited book to travel across the vast digital-landia from her computer to mine, I am still figuring out, along with my AWESOME buddy Grace, how to put all the pieces of the website together so we can finally get this book out. The goal is to make some money for Covenant Cupboard Food Pantry, the food bank where I volunteer – and make it available to you so you can transform yourself into a Crazy Awesome Healthy YOU!

Allow me to share the story behind why I started writing “7 Simple Steps to a Crazy Awesome Healthy You!” in the first place. I felt driven to do something more for these clients of the food bank that have fallen on hard times; more for them than to just physically be there for them, check them in, engage in their life stories challenges and successes, or try and help them with health challenges -most don’t even have health care much less the ability to afford quality food or even basic supplementation!

While I have always loved to help others in need since I was very young, I have a strong connection with these incredible people as I have been serving this particular food bank for over 10 years now – so I desperately wanted to do something more to help them. Having been near death not so long ago –you may know my story of coming very close to that end about 18 months ago and having to make a decision to either die or bring myself from a very sick, depleted, and physical state to health (and did so achieving mind-blowing health, energy and vitality!!) – I now knew that I could at least help them nutritionally if nothing else, if I had the money… but how to do that for so many people?

In January, I decided that I would write an e-book and sell it online to see if I could make a bit of money with the goal of purchasing organic fruits and veggies, along with some basic supplements like raw vitamins and omega 3’s, for the food bank’s clients. This so they could at least go to a job interview, or their children go off to school, with clear and sharp minds.  Even though they may be barely able to pay rent, struggling to live in this modern world with – I felt (and feel!) they should have access to nutritious food and mineral supplements now, more than ever, to give them a leg up while they deal with all the emotional stress of where they find themselves today in their life’s circumstances.

But because I had acquired so much valuable information about the human body through my own journey to amazing health and wellness, having taken a million master level health and nutrition courses, hiring a health coach, personal trainer, taken online classes and attending a crazy number of lectures on the subject, attending health summits and doing tons of my own research – I learned how virtually everything we put into and onto our bodies impacts our health and wellness daily, I couldn’t stop writing! And as I was writing the book, I continued my studies and research and adding and adding and… ADDING!!! I couldn’t do a half-arsed job because I started to see that everything I had learned and was continuing to learn was simply… common sense! Things that our grandparents and their parents use to know and practice that went “out of style” as we became more “modern”. I knew I had to figure out a way to share it with the world! I couldn’t just provide a little 10 page e-book with information about health and nutrition, which would have been really helpful, I had to tell you everything I learned about our food, our food delivery system, how processed foods affect our bodies, etc., etc., and I just could not stop writing!! I could not stop providing valuable information that everybody -especially those eating the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), really need to know!!

Anyway, I had learned soooo mucho about health, energy and vitality – and that it was all just common sense health and nutrition strategies that keep most of us from achieving incredible levels of health, energy and vitality – that all of a sudden, I had a mission in life! And a purpose fueled by a “burning in my soul” mission: to help not only those at the food bank, and a hundred or so people that might buy my book (with the intention of helping out those less fortunate which is really sweet, thank you), but… to change the world – a million people at a time!

If you know me at all, you know I am not your average anything. Helping just one person is definitely not my way, especially when I know what I know now about health and the ability for most anybody to reach those amazing levels of health, energy and vitality I always speak of! I knew that my purpose in life had been defined for me because I had learned waaay too much about our food delivery systems and simple common health strategies and techniques – to keep any of this information I had accumulated a secret. It was just way too simple and way too valuable not to share!

That little e-book I was going to write… well, it kind of got longer and longer and turned into… WHAT??!!! Yes, a book!!!

Once I realized that I had a very important message to share, in April I gave up my Board Member position at the food bank in so I could focus on writing “7 Simple Steps to a Crazy Awesome Healthy You!”, a fun and truly magical book about transforming your life from having crazy stress levels, chronic illness and/or low energy to having crazy awesome health, energy and vitality so that you can have a fulfilling, peaceful and joyful life filled with what you want to fill your days!

But, “where is the book?” I have been asked over and over again. “I want to buy a copy!” And here’s where things have gotten a bit messy. Before I dive into that story, I would first like to say thank you to all of you continuing to support me in my lofty goal (you think?) and quest to help a million people achieve amazing levels of health, energy, and vitality which of course will help the incredible clients at the food bank to have better health and energy levels too! WOW!! A win/win/win situation for all!!

So where is the book? Close! Very close. I will receive the edited version from Wendy tomorrow evening and will work on it this weekend. Hopefully between Grace and me, everything will be connected and ready to go by September 23rd, at the latest!! If the book is ready sooner, and all digital systems go, you will be the first to know as I will announce it on my website, Facebook and Twitter so you won’t miss the announcement! I am sooooo beyond excited to share what I have learned with you, and to show you just how simple it is to reach amazing levels of health, energy and vitality!!

Thank you for reading this extraordinary long, but hopefully uplifting and inspiring, post!!!



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