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Are You Fried, Electrically?

This is a quick post to ask you about your electrical health. Yes, I did say, “electrical health”. Did you even know you were an electrical being? I kind of did years ago but didn’t really understand it. I can’t say I understand a whole lot more today but I do know that you absolutely […]

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

What is all the hoopla on measles? I have read so many stories of children being harmed by vaccinations, being just fine before getting a vaccination (really LOTS of different vaccinations in one!) and then right after the vaccination, become different children with different personalities. I remember taking my daughter to the clinic to get […]


I was listening to Jack Canfield’s (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) “Effortless Success Mindfest”, where he was talking about affirmations. I am a firm believer in creating your own identity and being the Conscious Creator of your own life but I’ve never been really great at creating affirmations. Being the Conscious Creator of […]

Amazing Sleep?

Interesting. If you raise the head of your bed just 6 inches while you sleep, it is supposed to improve your circulation immensely and help natural gravity better detoxify our bodies. This means helping with edema (swelling). Good posture during waking hours is also very important for this concept. In an interview with Patrick Timpone […]

HEY! Where’s the Book??!!

Life can sometimes get a bit messy. Many of you have been asking me when my book on common sense health and nutrition is coming out, since my goal was to have it online and available to you by the 21st of August (yeah, I know… that day has passed, sigh). So let me update […]

Ode to Chester (Mester) the Cat

I have spent three plus weeks trying to nurse back to health the most amazing kitty in the world, Chester. He went to kitty heaven, with the largest pair of kitty angel wings you could ever imagine, at 4:39 a.m. this morning. He is honestly the only kitty who could keep me from my morning […]

How To Hydrate – Get Thirsty! Get Energized!! Get Healthy!!!

Hydrate and take a major step to healthy.  How?  Have you ever seen a raisin?  Why is it so wrinkly?  Oh yeah!  It’s dehydrated!  For some reason, people have forgotten that water is their life blood and… ummm…let me break this to you gently.  60-70% of your body is water!  Did you get that??!! Just […]

Summer Recipe Idea! Zucchini Pasta in Zesty Tomato Sauce

Quick and Easy Summery Recipe Idea for Dinner I have a very simple summery dish for you that takes less than 15 minutes to toss together, and no, it’s not a salad. But it is yummersville! While I primarily eat raw, there are just some veggies that should be cooked for more nutrition, like a […]

Pistachios – Why you have to start crackin’!

These are some tasty nuts! And I used to think they just tasted good! Well they do taste yummy but it’s the nutrients they contain very important to amazing eye health that will have you cracking pistachios for years to come! Pistachios are the only nuts that contain and significant amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin. […]