Are You Sunburn Ready?


I am a SUPER antioxidant! Woohoo!

If I knew about a magic pill that could help you fight against sun damage and aging skin, would you want to know what it is?

Well I do! It’s a carotenoid found in micro algae and a major antioxidant. It’s what gives salmon, shrimp, and krill their beautiful pinkish red coloring. And it gives salmon the strength to swim upstream.

The name of this powerful antioxidant is Astaxanthin (pronounced “asta-ZAN-thin”) and it protects you against harmful effects of the sun. A more interesting explanation of what it does is that it protects you from free radicals going crazy in your body creating pain and inflammation. Astaxanthin neutralizes these free radicals and inside your body, acts like an internal sunscreen. It also gives your skin a nice color for that healthy looking glow.

After I learned about all the toxic chemicals in sunscreen that go right to our blood stream, I found out about this incredible supplement and have not used sunscreen for almost two years. I did stay out too long one day last summer and burned. So I slathered myself with aloe vera gel and the next day I was just super tan. No peel, no pain.

Astaxanthin will not work miracles overnight. It takes two weeks to a month to build it up in your system but then, magic! It typically comes in 4 mg pills but, because; it is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin C and E, it gives a pretty glow to my skin, and because it stays longer in your body knocking off free radicals like a ninja warrior, I take 12 mg. daily. And studies show that even at high dosages it’s not toxic so even more good news!

But wait! That’s not all!! <grin> It has even more incredible benefits! It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, fights fatigue, helps build strength and endurance and helps you to recover more quickly from strenuous exercise. It has the ability to cross the blood brain-barrier and the blood-retinal barrier so it provides both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection to the brain and the eyes. Clinical trials have shown that astaxanthin accumulates in the retina and helps diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, eye strain and fatigue and seeing in fine detail.

It’s pretty expensive coming in at about $22 for ninety 4 mg. pills but you can find it less expensive online. And “Doctors Best” brand sells 6 mg pills for less than most other brands.

Astaxanthin; my internal sunscreen, reason for my healthy skin glow, CRAZY AWESOME antioxidant, and probably one of the reasons why the vision in my left eye has improved by .25%. I believe it is well worth every penny.


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