Are You Fried, Electrically?

This is a quick post to ask you about your electrical health. Yes, I did say, “electrical health”.

Did you even know you were an electrical being? I kind of did years ago but didn’t really understand it. I can’t say I understand a whole lot more today but I do know that you absolutely have bad things happen to your body and your blood when you don’t get enough sleep, are chronically stressed and when you’re around electrical devices all day long.

And nowadays… who isn’t?

Computers, cell phones, tablets, home appliances, clocks, stereos, televisions, and even our personal training devices. All of them are messing with our inner circuitry.  So, it’s not like we can live in the digital informational age without digital products can we? But can we still be healthy?

I was listening to an interview with Troy Hyyppa, a Master Herbalist and Naturopath, and he popped off with this amazing antidote for cleaning up clumped blood. If you have ever had the opportunity to view the slides of blood of a cancer patient, or a very stressed person, or for that matter, somebody who spends all day on the computer or with a cell phone to their ear (DON’T DO IT!), you’ll have noticed a very strange pattern. You would have seen clumped blood. Blood that has a hard time going through the veins because it is viscous, sort of like thick honey. You don’t want blood like that!

So what do you do if you have to be on your computer all day, your cell phone or are chronically stressed and can’t sleep?

Troy Hyyppa says to simply take charcoal which makes all the sense in the world. Charcoal sweeps through the body like a humungorungus broom and swishes poisons, toxins and lots of unwanted stuff right out.  He also said you could use bentonite clay and diamataceous earth.

What does this mixture do? It is like earthing. It neutralizes all the positive ions from all the electrical gadgets we are exposed to all day long and acts like one huge antioxidant restoring our electrical balance.

Just take a tsp of charcoal 1/2 an hour before bed on an empty stomach, or you could throw together a mixture of all three. Here’s how it would look:

1/3 cup dimataceous earth (food grade ONLY!)
1/3 cup charcoal (found in most health food stores and pharmacies)
1/3 cup zeolite clay (healthforce is great brand)

Mix them all together and take a tsp before bed on an empty stomach. Do not take this with any medications or with food as it will pull all the nutrients right out of your body and more than likely blow out the medication.

I will amend this post to explain a bit more but I just want you to have this recipe now since I said I would post it!! Get ‘er done folks!

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