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Amazing Sleep?

Interesting. If you raise the head of your bed just 6 inches while you sleep, it is supposed to improve your circulation immensely and help natural gravity better detoxify our bodies. This means helping with edema (swelling). Good posture during waking hours is also very important for this concept.

In an interview with Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network, Andrew mentioned where a doctor he knew tried this theory on a patient who had massive edema. The Doctor had given her diuretics and nothing was working, So he told Andrew he was going to put Andrew’s Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) to the test. To his surprise and amazement, within hours her swelling was down considerably when nothing else had worked for her.

I normally enjoy Patrick’s interviews but it seemed he had a hard time getting into it and I definitely almost turned it off! If I hadn’t of been stuck in one place making green juice and breakfast, with a phone I don’t know how to use very well, I probably would have missed listening to it.  It was a tad painful to try and understand this man’s line of thought but Patrick did a good job of sorting it all out for all of us. So I’m glad I was busy in the kitchen because I caught what might really help with sleep and better circulation. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll give it a whirl tonight!!

Let me know your thoughts – you can listen to this interview here:http://oneradionetwork.com/health/andrew-k-fletcher-results-inclined-bed-therapy-follow-show-september-15/


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