Chester_in da boochI was listening to Jack Canfield’s (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) “Effortless Success Mindfest”, where he was talking about affirmations. I am a firm believer in creating your own identity and being the Conscious Creator of your own life but I’ve never been really great at creating affirmations. Being the Conscious Creator of my own life is how I strive to live my life and thus far, have been successful in this regard. You may already be familiar with the concept of becoming the Conscious Creator of your own life from my book, 7 Simple Steps to a Crazy Awesome Healthy You!, and how to become one.

It’s pretty simple really. In a nutshell, you simply have to decide that you alone are responsible for your life, and that whatever you want out of life, you are the one that needs to make that happen for yourself. That you create the outcomes in your life despite the circumstances where you find yourself, you move yourself forward toward your goals and dreams – very powerful stuff!!

So back to Jack Canfield – this was the first time I have ever really listened to him. When I heard him talk about how and when to say and practice affirmations, I was all ears because I am all about that, even though I haven’t been diligent on affirmation writing, just creating identities which I go into like a crazy woman in my book, 7 Simple Steps to a Crazy Awesome Healthy You! So I was intrigued to learn what he had to say about affirmations.

He said something that really made me scribble like a madwoman! He talked about what I teach, becoming an intentional deliberate creator of our own lives but he took it even further. He said it is much more fun to become a co-creator of our lives with the Universe – by doing so we can create this great loop:

  1. Receive inspiration
  2. Form intention
  3. Take action
  4. Experience growth

I got so excited because it is soooooooo true!!! If you just take baby steps daily toward your written goals which are accompanied by an inspiration you can visualize daily, then you can’t help but move yourself forward toward those goals!

I was so excited to hear this teaching because I learned that I would better achieve my goals if I write down an affirmation to accompany that goal, then visualize it and to do this 2 times per day. Once in the morning (best after meditation) and then right before bed.

I already practice what I teach in my book something called self-appreciation which is to pat yourself on the back for all the good things you have done toward reaching your goals or just good things period. Appreciating yourself. But Jack says to stand in front of the mirror and practice this acknowledging yourself and once you’ve acknowledged the good things (rather than focusing on negative), you look deep into your own eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you” and then receive that good feeling of love and acceptance.

This is a practice I am starting tonight! I will stand in front of the mirror, self-appreciate myself and all my accomplishments of the day and then I will say, “I love you Lynnie”. WOW! Powerful stuff!!

I hope this excited rambling sparks some form of self-love and respect for yourself and that you will join me in your own celebration of self-awesomeness!!

Post below after you have done this act of self acknowledgement and self-love for yourself. I would love to hear how it went for you!!!


Happy affirmations, and loving warm thoughts to you!!!

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