3 Steps to Getting What You Want in Life!

Gluten free bread

Goal accomplished! Gluten free bread

1. Set a goal

What is it that you want to accomplish and would get you excited to get to straightaway when you wake up? When do you want to get, have or accomplish it by? Whatever it is for you, write it down every single night before you go to bed on a notepad. I keep a 9 x 6 spiral bound one on my nightstand to remind me to – WRITE IT DOWN!

It can be anything you really want, maybe to:

  • Lose weight
  • Spend more time with your kiddo
  • Learn a new craft
  • Start walking every morning
  • Bake your first loaf of gluten free bread

Whatever your goal is, writing it down makes it real. This can be fun and it gets you excited to start the next day!

2. Schedule it!

Look at that goal when you wake up and it is still important to you; commit to making it happen that day. Schedule it into your day right then and there. Make an appointment with yourself – and keep it! If you have to get the kids ready for the day before you can attend to yourself, pick a time when you can get to it.

3. Take action!

When the appointed hour arrives, remember why you want that particular thing and why you set the goal. Remember the feeling of how you will you feel when you finally achieve your goal. Feel whatever that feeling is in your heart whether it be joy, happiness, relief, excitement, or whatever it is!  Let it flood through your body – and then MOVE toward that goal immediately!

  • If it’s starting to walk every day, get your tennis on and walk out that door!
  • Making a phone call you’ve been dreading? Pick up the phone and dial.
  • Wanting to read a magazine article before the next edition arrives (but you haven’t made time) – sit down and start reading!
  • Baking your first loaf of gluten free bread – get out your recipe out and start rolling!

It really is simple to get what you want out of life. Simply set the goal, make an appointment with yourself every day to work towards it, and when that magical moment in the day appears, take action! You will move forward like a steamroller crushing all your objections and fears like they are powerless nothings holding you back. Because they ARE nothings when you’re in the “empowered make it happen” mode! You are… doo ta doooo!!! SUPER YOU!!!

Go ahead, make your life happen!

gf bread

My goal achieved! Check!  Gluten free bread with top crust eaten by hubby!

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